10 TV Universes That Make No Sense

You'll get a headache if you think about these shows for too long.

Twin Peaks

Every tv show takes place in its own personal universe - you know, apart from Marvel and DC shows - and it's always fun to start a new series because you get to know the rules of the world contained within it.

Well, unless you can't. Because sometimes, showrunners go a bit power crazy when playing God and end up creating a world in which NOTHING makes sense! In these cases, someone really should have stepped up and told the show creator that less is sometimes more, and that, maybe, they should keep some sort of log that keeps track of all the crazy plotlines and character arcs.

Whether it be the inclusion of time travel, an unexplained supernatural element, multiple timelines and time jumps, or something even more convoluted, these tv show universes really needed Thanos to come in and click his fingers, lightening the plot points a little bit.

10. Riverdale

Twin Peaks

Ah Riverdale, please just come out and admit that you have no idea what you're doing! From cringy and unrealistic dialogue to ludicrous storylines, this show has it all.

Fans have always been pretty lenient when it comes to the contents of Riverdale, but as of very recently, the last straw has come for many of them. The show is currently on its 5th season, and besides that being completely baffling, it has also proven that the showrunners have no idea what's been going on since, probably, season 1.

It was announced at the end of season 4 that the show was going to jump forward 7 years so that it can age up its clearly adult actors to a more realistic place. This, for many fans, seemed like a positive step, resetting the story and giving everything a fresh start.

But when the time jump happened, a careless line of dialogue revealed that the jump takes place in 2021. So, that means that before this, the show took place in 2014 right? Wrong. Because just a few episodes before this, in season 4, it was explicitly stated that the year was 2020. And not only this but it was also stated in the episode that the main characters were born in 2001, making them 20 in 2021... but the time jump states that they're 25... Huh?

Yeah, there is no explaining your way out of this one.

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