10 Most Twisted Characters in American Horror Story

9. Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) 'Asylum'


The first entry for Jessica Lange on this list, sucking the fun out of nun, Sister Jude ruled Briarcliffe with an iron fist and was all too quick to reach for her rack of canes. Born Judy Martin, she was a fiery blonde with a penchant for singing, men and alcohol; this decadent lifestyle lead Judy on a path to destruction and ended with a drunken hit and run, killing a small girl. Her drunken behaviour crashed into a nunnery and consequently let her embrace God under the tutelage of The Mother Superior. She is in charge of Briarcliffe but ultimately falls off the wagon, losing it to Dr. Arthur Arden, then framed for murder she becomes a patient of the sanitorium herself.

Sister Jude believes that mental illness is just the fashion and that investigative reporter Lana Winters lesbian tendencies are the sickest of them all. Her committal to the asylum soon changes her views and Jude strikes up an unlikely alliance with Lana. She gets some of her own treatments and the electroshock therapy she most gleefully used on her patients has a bitter sting when used on her.The Jude we see in the latter half is a shell of her former self, rocking in a chair and unable to remember her name, she is someone you can't help but feel for. Jessica Lange steals the season with her iconic 'Name Game' song, putting her vocal cords to good use. Jude remained a victim of the system and left to rot in Briarcliffe long after most of the others; the Monsignor denied her existence there, claiming Jude had died- In fact she remained in solitary for years. Lana Winter's eventual expose releases Jude from the asylum and she lives out her latter years in relative happiness with Kit Walker and his children. It all ends happily ever after!


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