10 Underhyped TV Shows That Blew Everyone Away

Shows that blew everyone away weren't hyped at all by their networks...


When a network or streaming platform puts a ton of cash behind a project, it's usually in the best interest of everyone involved to market the show. To that end, they shoot commercials, send the cast out to talk shows to discuss it, and generally hype it up to gain attention.

If they don't do that, there's a very good chance that a series with promise ends up being canceled because nobody watches it. This could happen for a number of reasons, but in many cases, a studio doesn't build the hype for a project if it doesn't look like it will do well.

Why waste more money on something that's sure to fail? As a business decision, it makes some sense, but in the end, the cast and crew suffer.

However, some of the best series ever created didn't receive the hype they deserved, and succeeded anyway. They proved that the networks didn't know what they had, and went on to blow everyone away. These ten shows should have been given far more support from their networks, but despite receiving very little, they succeeded primarily via word of mouth.

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