10 Unintentionally Funny Doctor Who Deaths

Those Doctor Who deaths that made us pee our pants with laughter, rather than fear.

Doctor Who Love & Monsters Ursula Blake Abzorbaloff
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It's a brilliant show, but Doctor Who can get a bit silly at times.

It's centred on an otherworldly man or woman who can change their face, wields a magic screwdriver that doesn't work on wood, and flies around outer space in a big blue box. And that's before you add in all the monsters, aliens, and powerful beings that the Doctor has encountered over many decades on our screens.

The early days of the show were incredibly campy, with creature costumes looking like they were made by someone's Mum for Halloween, and acting so hammy that vegetarians weren't allowed to tune in.

Put all this together, and sometimes, very serious moments on the show can instead become laughable. Case in point, this list of deaths you're about to read.

Death is usually nothing to laugh about, but we just couldn't help but bust a gut when these ten characters lost their lives. Does that make us sadistic? Maybe a tiny bit, but once you bear witness to the utterly ridiculous circumstances under which these characters shuffled off their mortal coils, you'll understand.

10. Decapitated For Being Stupid (A Good Man Goes To War)

Doctor Who Love & Monsters Ursula Blake Abzorbaloff
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Dorium Maldovar is similar to Lord Varys in Game of Thrones, and not just because they're both bald.

Both are extremely well-connected, both have eyes and ears everywhere, and both use their influence to outwit more physically intimidating foes.

Except, while Varys dies a noble death, Dorium dies because he's an idiot.

In the Series 6 episode A Good Man Goes to War, the Doctor, Rory, and The Paternoster Gang are protecting Amy and her newborn daughter from The Headless Monks. Dorium, who has had dealings with the Monks before, recognises that they are chanting their "attack prayer".

Now, it's already been established that Dorium is a smart man, so does he try and escape? Or take up arms? No, he simply wanders over to them, thinking that he can strike a deal because the two have done business before.

When he walks back, he's got no head.

Dorium's death is supposed to be the precursor to an epic battle, showing that the Monks will kill without mercy to get what they want.

Instead, it's like a Monty Python sketch, where a big blue bald bloke gets his head chopped off for being dumb.

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