10 Unintentionally Funny Doctor Who Deaths

8. Blown Up For No Reason (Kerblam!)

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When having Lee Mack in your episode isn't the dumbest thing about it, then you know something's gone wrong.

The Thirteenth Doctor and her entourage arrive at the headquarters of Kerblam, a galaxy-wide shipping company that definitely isn't meant to represent a real-life business beginning with the letter A.

The Doctor begins by investigating the disappearance of various staff members, but uncovers a far more sinister plot. Charlie Duffy, a maintenance worker, has reprogrammed Kerblam's fleet of delivery robots to explode once they enter people's homes.

Duffy's reasoning is that the machines will get the blame, and more human workers will be hired. The logic is a bit twisted, but... actually, it's just twisted. Nothing else to say really.

Charlie meets his end when the Doctor reprograms the bots to explode early. He's caught in the blast, despite having all the time in the world to escape. Instead, he just stands there... and stands there... and stands there until he blows up. Nice one mate.

What's meant to be a poignant ending to the episode devolves into comedy faster than next day delivery. To be honest, that's true of this entire episode, which starts off strong, but soon goes downhill.

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