10 Unintentionally Funny Moments In Star Trek

10. Plato’s Stepchildren


Okay so the iconic tenth episode of the original Star Trek series third season, Plato’s Stepchildren, does have an undeniable claim to a place in television history. It’s the one with Uhura and Kirk’s kiss, and as such is home to one of the first mainstream depictions of an interracial relationship on mainstream American television.

But that’s not why we’re highlighting it here—no, we’re more concerned, for the purposes of this list, with the scenes which stopped the BBC from showing this episode upon its original release thanks to some “unpleasant” content.

And just what was said unpleasant content? Well, long before the horror genre made telekinesis terrifying, the crew encounter aliens able to control their behaviour to their own evil ends. Pretty unpleasant—in theory.

In practice, this results in scenes where Kirk and Spock helplessly slap themselves silly, struggling to look serious as they give the old adage “Stop hitting yourself” new life.


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