10 Unintentionally Funny Moments In Star Trek

3. The Way To Eden

Star Trek The Next Generation Masks
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Where Plato’s Stepchildren at least has a solid claim to televisual history, season three’s twentieth offering The Way to Eden has no such ameliorating excuses, but it’s just as cringeworthy in its execution, and with some questionable political takes thrown in to boot.

The episode offers a rare divergence from the utopian vision of society typically championed in the series, with the crew coming across a set of peace-espousing free-loving space hippies and their never-ending musical numbers, only to discover their planet harbours a dark secret.

It’s a woeful episode whose frequent musical interludes never fail to produce an unintentional laugh, and the show’s decision to dismiss hippies as mindless conformists is a little rich coming from a series which typically approved of most of the same “peace and love over everything” ideology that the hippie movement represented.

Dr Timothy Leary definitely deserved better than some bizarrely funny songs from a show which was able to humanize Vulcans and Romulans.


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