10 Unique TV Episodes That You Must See

Television that reinvented the wheel.


The television industry is constantly reinventing itself season after season, with writers and directors trying to break out of their own creative sphere and produce a new iconic trope. Like a silent episode, or an episode which plays out in reverse. And it's the episodes that smash the sphere that stick in your head and are remembered by their fanbase for years after.

When a television show gets stuck in their own formula for so long, it can become a way to switch your brain off. That's why it's such an exciting and rewarding experience to find yourself in the middle of a quiet episode, hit with the sudden realisation that no-ones said a word for twenty minutes. It wakes you up and shakes off a shows creative cobwebs.

In the last decade of TV the how has become almost as important as the what in terms of storytelling. And writers that conjure up a ground-breaking how often become an inspiration for countless others over the years. After all, how many musical-format episodes of television are there these days? And what about episodes that take place in one room.


These kinds of concept breakthroughs are what sets shows apart from the crowd and create a precedent for others to follow.


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