10 Unnecessary Doctor Who Details You Need To Know

You won’t believe what was REALLY on the banknotes in The Runaway Bride…

Doctor Who David Tennant bank note The Runaway Bride
BBC Studios

Doctor Who is sometimes criticised for being too complicated (most of the time, unfairly so).

That said, the show does tend to be rather jam-packed. And when it comes to easter eggs, references, and details, even the most hardcore fan would be hard pressed to pick up on everything the first time round.

These details are rarely essential to the plot, so, in a sense, it’s ok for them to go over your head. However, it’s ultimately well worth seeking them out.

For instance, it’s hardly the end of the world if you fail to notice all the Bad Wolf references in Series 1. But knowing they’re there makes the viewing experience all the more rewarding, especially upon a rewatch.

Elsewhere, there are plenty of other nifty details in Doctor Who that have gone unnoticed, and deserve more appreciation.

From clever set dressing to neat world-building touches, they won’t drastically change your views on the episodes they appear in, but they’ll almost certainly blow your mind.

10. Doctor Who Double-Decker (In The Forest Of The Night)

Doctor Who David Tennant bank note The Runaway Bride
BBC Studios

Doctor Who seems to have a thing for planting easter eggs on red London buses.

Planet of the Dead’s bus featured an advert for a company owned by Joshua Naismith, who would go on to appear in The End of Time. But that example is nowhere near as audacious as the double-decker featured in Series 8’s In the Forest of the Night, which seemed to be advertising Doctor Who itself.

The bus in question appears very briefly towards the start of the episode. If you look very closely at the poster emblazoned on its side, you should be able to make out the now-iconic Series 8 Twelfth Doctor costume reveal pic, together with a shot of Clara from Hide, and a generic photo of the TARDIS.

And it gets weirder. This wasn’t something cobbled together by the production team, but a piece of fan art made in anticipation of Series 8, which can still be viewed online.

It’s not clear quite how, or why, this happened – both from a behind-the-scenes and in-universe perspective. But however you square it, you can’t deny that it’s a rather intriguing detail.

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