10 Unscripted Supernatural Moments That Were Kept In The Show

Some moments were too good to be left out.

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For 15 seasons, Supernatural was one of the most popular shows the CW had to offer. At its core, it tells the story of Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who go around America fighting supernatural beings. Along the way, the boys ended up gaining the help of the angel Castiel who became a prominent part of Team Free Will.

It is clear to fans that the actors on the show had just as much fun making Supernatural as we did watching it. This helped the cast get a lot of input into how the show works. In fact, many of the series' greatest moments weren't written at all.

Some of these great moments were entirely improvised or a scene was approached in a different, funnier way than planned. There are also spontaneous remarks that were so great, they managed to stay in the final cut.

As the actors started to understand and know their characters far better than the show's writers did, they added in little nitpicks that they believed would fit the overall character, or taken something Supernatural fans have said throughout the years and incorporated them into the show.

10. Dean's Famous Catchphrase

Anyone who watches Supernatural, whether avid fans or not, knows what Dean’s famous catchphrase is. However, not many know that Jensen Ackles improvised this phrase multiple times throughout the show as it was only meant to be used as a one-off during one of the earlier seasons.

The improvisation of his catchphrase can be most noticeably seen in the season three episode, Bad Day at Black Rock. After Sam starts to lose all his luck when Bela Talbot steals the lucky rabbit foot from him, the brothers go on a mission to retrieve that item in which Dean ends up accidentally touching the foot, gaining himself an unprecedented amount of luck. With this, Dean decided to buy himself winning lottery tickets in the hopes that’ll it makes the brothers rich.

However, Dean’s luck runs out after they destroy the rabbit’s foot, finding out that Bela stole the winning tickets from the brothers and gained the prize money for herself. After learning about Bela’s betrayal (yet again), Dean lets out a frustrated version of his famous phrase.

If you watch the episode closely, you can see Jared Padalecki smiling and holding in his laugh as he turns away from the camera, since Dean’s outburst was unscripted but Jensen cleverly added this in, knowing that it was in-character for Dean.

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