10 Upcoming New Sci-Fi TV Shows To Be Excited About

Futuristic heroes, alien doctors and a lot more apocalypse; TV is about to get weirder...


A genre in which the possibilities are quite literally endless, sci-fi has provided us regular folk with many hours of escapism and entertainment, with its reach spanning across novels, poetry, film and, of course, television as it confounds and bewilders us with the boundaries that it pushes and the questions it ultimately asks, even going so far as to leave us wondering if there really is life out there.

The science fiction genre is, in many ways, the gift that just keeps on giving and all it takes is one look at the TV calendar to know that it doesn't plan on changing that anytime soon.

While we all have our favourite sci-fi classics, there will be a host of new and ambitiously outlandish affairs joining them in the coming year - ones that will undoubtedly derive pleasure in using those endless possibilities to pose us with questions that their predecessors have not yet asked (well, most of them anyway).

From genetically-modified dinosaurs to superhero spin-offs; you name it and sci-fi has it. On that note, let's meet some of the most exciting upcoming shows the genre has to offer.

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