10 Ways Arrow Would Be Different If It Were On Netflix

9. A More Brutal Hero

Arrow Arrow

This isn’t an advocation that Oliver should go back to killing people. They've repeatedly established that the character has no interest in that sort of justice. It is, however, frustrating that he effectively devolved from a methodical killer to a passive vigilante who seems reluctant to even fire an arrow anymore.

As you may have noticed, Daredevil doesn’t kill people either but no one complains about that. His moral code was explained from the beginning and he hasn’t wavered on it or flip-flopped like Oliver has. Nevertheless, he hasn’t been afraid to seriously rough up criminals and brutally interrogate them. There is an efficacy and purpose to Daredevil's violence, one that desperately needs to be re-established for Oliver.

Likewise, Jessica Jones was averse to killing the most vile human around but soon discovered that doing so was necessary in an extreme instance for the greater good. Despite being no killer, she realized this was necessary, yet Oliver, who's killed hundreds of people, all of a sudden cannot stomach such a thought.

Even when their morality was compromised, the Netflix heroes still did everything they felt they had to to stop the bad guys. Oliver is missing that same intensity to his game and it's clear that another network could give it back.

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