10 Ways Arrow Would Be Different If It Were On Netflix

8. No One Is Overpowered

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Netflix offers a world populated with mildly powerful heroes. These abilities certainly help all of them, but these characters aren’t invulnerable. More than than, between Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, their powers are fairly balanced and no one character feels significantly more powerful than the others. It’s not as if Thor is stepping in to solve their problems in one fell swoop.

This sheds some light on one of the biggest problems in the Arrowverse: the enormous discrepancy in powers between the characters. While Arrow was always designed as a ‘no powers’ show, the introduction of The Flash completely undid that.

This resulted in an impossible suspension of disbelief for viewers. The Flash could solve most of Arrow’s problems in mere seconds. “Hey Barry, could you just go snag that magic idol from Darhk and dump it on the other side of the world?”, is the logical solution to Oliver's problems, but for the sake of the narrative, Arrow can’t do this.

In the Netflix world, Arrow wouldn’t be burdened by this issue, as another hero’s inclusion might help a little, but certainly wouldn’t beak the entire premise of the series.

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