10 Ways Doctor Who Was Almost Completely Different

Doctor Hugh, anyone?


For a show that has change baked into its very DNA, the fact that Doctor Who has almost travelled down many alternate paths is no surprise.

From different actors playing the title role, to legitimate cancellation fears and some seriously weird movie ideas, the history of Doctor Who could easily have been completely dissimilar to the one we have today - with even just the slightest of nudges.

With all its special effects, complicated sci-fi ideas, and dense, decades-deep lore, it's an incredibly difficult show to make, and while it's easy to look back now and think "well, of course that was the right decision", when you're the poor writer or producer who has to make said decision on a tight schedule... it's far from easy.

Since it's still going strong over 55 years after its creation, the decisions that the Doctor Who production team has made over the years were clearly the right ones, but still, it's hard not to look back at several key points in the show's history and wonder... what would have happened if these situations had played out differently?

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