10 Ways To Get Your Breaking Bad Fix Now It's Over

0 On September 29, AMC aired its final episode of Breaking Bad, with 10.28 million viewers tuning in to see the award-winning series coming to an end with "Felina". Yet with the series having drawn to a close, there's a question to be asked €“ where are Breaking Baddicts to get their fix now? After five groundbreaking seasons, numerous cast members have come and gone, some going on to other things, while others have stayed until the end and have yet to make their mark elsewhere. This article highlights both their past and their present, and as such we have compiled a list of ten great ways to get your Breaking Bad fix (none of which include meth). Warning, SPOILERS may be ahead, so if you haven't finished the show yet, tread carefully!

Honorable Mention: Giancarlo Esposito €“ Revolution

Giancarlo Esposito Giancarlo Esposito's post apocalyptic action series Revolution is only two seasons in, but has been met with generally positive reviews, winning the Saturn award for best Network series and an Emmy for stunt coordination. Gus (Esposito) himself was also nominated for a Saturn award, but alas did not win, losing out to his old employee Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks). For those who are unaware, the Saturn award is basically the extra nerdy Emmy's, but in 2013 was instead hosted by Neil Patrick Harris' brother from How I Met Your Mother, Wayne Brady. Click "next" below to begin...

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