10 Ways The Simpsons Could Save Itself

The glory days don't have to be over.

The Simpsons isn't even close to what it once was; it had a good, nay, great run in the '90s and early 2000s with at least ten solid seasons, and that's more than most shows will even stay on the air for. But now the show's in its 26th season, having clocked in more than a staggering 550 episodes and, naturally enough, it's worn pretty thin. Even though the decline was inevitable, it's still a sad state of affairs that The Simpsons is no longer must-watch TV. The competition for the animated sitcom market is stronger than ever and the yellow buddies need to freshen up if they want to reclaim any of the previous glory from years past. It's impossible to pinpoint, though, just when The Simpsons became less than extraordinary (some say it started as early as the beginning of Season 9) - it was most definitely a gradual phenomenon. There are plenty of reasons for the decline; some are justified and some can simply be blamed on laziness (it's understandable that a show that is virtually immune from cancellation would coast a bit in it's later years). However, it's not dead yet and there's still enough room and time for improvement. Here are 10 ways that The Simpsons could save itself from truly hitting rock bottom.

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