10 Ways The Simpsons Could Save Itself

10. Bring Back The Old Writers

The Simpsons has episodes credited to over a hundred different writers, and with so many different minds contributing throughout the years, it makes sense why the tone and humour of the show has changed so much. Perhaps there are simply too many in the writers' room these days, and not enough from the show€™s heyday. Because of that, some of the classic Simpsons humour is lost, and it might well be a good idea to call back some of the veterans. If you look at the list of writers the show has had, many of those who contributed a large number of episodes from the great seasons left the show over a decade ago. John Swartzwelder, David S. Cohen, Conan O€™Brien and Al Jean (with the exception of a couple of episodes in the latest season) penned some of the funniest half hours of the show and surely could only bring about something good if they were to return. Even if it was just for a few episodes, the newer staff might benefit from it.
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