10 Ways To Make A Great Star Trek TV Show

Star Trek: Enterprise bid farewell to its dwindling and wholly unsatisfied audience in 2005, since then there has been no concerted effort made to bring the ground-breaking Sci-Fi serial back to the air-waves. If nothing else, Star Trek (2009) proved that today's audiences still wanted a healthy dose of warp-drive in their Sci-fi. It was a hit across the board with audiences and critics, the first in a long while for the Star Trek Brand, and re-energized (pun not intended) the franchise after years of stagnation. That was on the big-screen though, with the J.J Abrams sequel due next year, the small screen the story is a little different. No one seems to be pushing for a new ship and crew to boldly go... where the other series left off. Whether it be the bad taste Enterprise left in network's minds or the networks thinking that it has all been done or that it is rare that a Sci-Fi show that grabs the ratings strongly. Whatever the reason I believe it can be done, Star Trek is too ingrained into Popculture to have it end on the small screen with Enterprise. So no more introductions, let's all see how Trek can grace the air-waves once again for the next generations and beyond.
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