10 Weird Horror TV Shows That Are Worth Watching

The weird and the strange make the best kind of TV horror.

Chambers 2019

Horror is a genre that’s always guaranteed to pull in an audience. People just love to be scared and frightened. The horror scene is full of the usual genre-defying cliches and happenings; it could be violence and bloody gore strewed across the screen in a blaze of crimson, it could be the shifting shadow of a creature in a dark and gothic legend. However, what defines the genre most is how it makes us feel.

The uneasy nervousness as the mind tries to comprehend the surreal and the weird can be a lot more frightening than a jump scare or a monster lurking in the shadows. Many movies and media have attempted to scare us through the weird and the bizarre, and some have achieved this feat to great success.

The age of the TV series is well and truly upon us as streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon continue to produce original quality content for our viewing pleasure. There have been some modern greats and some true classics over the years and the horror genre has provided many of them. So, let’s examine 10 of the best weird horror TV shows that have graced the small screen, and let's dissect what makes them so weird, horrific, and fascinating to watch.

10. The Outer Limits

Chambers 2019

The first anthology series on our list is The Outer Limits. Often in the shadow of the more popular Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits concentrated more on the science fiction elements of horror rather than on the fantasy.

Season 1 had a strong focus on creatures and monsters that lurk in the dark, but later seasons would begin to experiment with more existential themes such as possession and mind control. As we've already noted, the series had a heavy focus on science fiction, which was gaining popularity in the 60s and 70s.

Episodes would centre on alien abduction and human experimentation with a gritty film noir cinematography that helped create a strange and often uneasy viewing experience. Although it never gained the mass popularity of The Twilight Zone, it still had a dedicated following and it leaves an influential and lasting legacy.

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