10 Weirdest Moments In Game Of Thrones

Some of the strangest and most peculiar moments in the epic fantasy saga.

Selyse Baratheon

Game of Thrones is a fantasy drama that for the most part, took itself incredibly seriously. The world was rich and layered, characters were realistic and well-drawn and storylines were grounded despite the dragons and undead monsters.

That being said, the show at times could lean into the slightly more strange and odd moments that admittedly were few and far between. Their sparse use made them all the more memorable however, with one or two being key components of the story.

Some of these moments are just never explained, so they leave us scratching our heads as to what on earth we just saw, and some are perfectly understandable if incredibly bizarre and peculiar and just plain weird to everyone watching. Whatever the cause, they all have the same effect on the audience.

Game of Thrones is known for a great many things: the branching plotlines, the epic scale battles, the crisp dialogue, the emotional impact but these weird moments rarely get a time to shine. They may not get spoken about enough, but they exist and they're some of the most significant and notable moments in the whole series.

10. Ed Sheeran

Selyse Baratheon

There are several cameos throughout Game of Thrones, from members of Coldplay to American football players, a large assortment of celebrities have dropped in to be hidden within a scene of the fantasy hit. Ed Sheeran was a different case however.

Involved as a surprise for Maisie Williams more than anything else, Sheeran wasn't placed in the background of a scene or obscured by a large helmet, he was a character with speaking (and singing) lines.

Whether it was the lingering shot of his face or the fact Arya commented on his singing, Sheeran's cameo was the worst case of immersion breaking in the show's history, coffee cup not withstanding. You'll never be sucked out of the story faster than seeing a pop star dressed in Lannister armour chilling with Arya Stark.

The amount of attention the scene draws to Sheeran's presence is distracting and is the most out of place encounter on Game of Thrones.


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