10 Wildest Battlestar Galactica Fan Theories

Could Battlestar Galactica be part of another property? It's not impossible!

The Matrix Battlestar Galactica Starbuck
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Science fiction has shown us several possible futures we as a society could become. From the classic dystopian universes where life is cheap and corporations rule everything, to the more optimistic universes where humanity is able to explore the stars and meet new life in an ever-growing galactic alliance dedicated to peace and equality.

In the Battlestar Galactica universe, humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction after creating a race of cybernetic servants, known as Cylons, who predictably rise up and overthrow their masters in brutal fashion.

Battlestar Galactica revitalized sci-fi drama, due to the show's focus on topics such as the reality of God, the meaning of sentience, and humanity's right to live; all mixed with awesome battles and tense, decisive moments that led to massive success.

Galactica's reboot ended around 12 years ago after a decent four-season run. However, fans still discuss the impact the show had on the sci-fi genre, as well as every little detail regarding the series.

This endless discussion has led to the creation of many, many fan theories. Most tend to focus on major events in the show, such as Starbuck's death, apparent revival, and the the series' extremely controversial ending.

The following are some of the wildest fan theories posited by fans, with many being impossible to confirm for obvious reasons, yet they are still fun to think about as we wait for another possible revival of this beloved franchise.

10. Modern Day UFO's Are Actually Cylon Ships

The Matrix Battlestar Galactica Starbuck

Life here began out there. This is one of the primary tenets of the colonial religion in Battlestar Galactica. Many of the humans in the show believe that there are other lifeforms in the cosmos, though it's believed they are also humans just waiting on Earth for their cousins to come home.

In our universe, the belief that life is out there has always been very complicated, and for one fan theory, that life may be more familiar than we realize.

At the end of Battlestar Galactica, the rebel Cylon Centurions are given sentience and the freedom to go out into the galaxy to choose their own future, free of outside control and subjugation.

Thus, a fan theory arose that in our modern timeline the sightings of UFOs are actually Cylon ships, coming back to check on humanity. In some ways, this theory actually makes a lot of sense in Galactica canon.

The Cylons would know where the second Earth was, as they helped humanity find it, and the Cylon raider ships do appear similar to what we view as a 'traditional' UFO.

The Cylons would want to check on us for several reasons. To ensure humanity poses no threat to them, to observe any possible Cylon hybrid descendants, and also to see if humanity is on its way to recreating the Cylons again and wiping themselves out.


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