10 Worst Family Guy Episodes

There's no cutting away from these awful episodes!

Family Guy Stewie Is Enceinte

Family Guy means a lot of things to many people. To some, it's a downright lazy and overly provocative show that is a chore to watch, and to others, it's a hilarious adult cartoon they can't get enough of. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, there's no denying that Family Guy gets people talking.

The show has amassed a massive 369 episodes, and that's impressive in every sense of the word. But, going for that long guarantees more than just longevity; it also means you've got plenty of time to stumble and fall.

This is something that's happened to Family Guy plenty of times, as although Seth MacFarlane's comedy style is unique, it's also impulsive and reckless at times, meaning the series' quality is more inconsistent than Brian's dating life.

These ten episodes are the worst of the worst, as they proved the haters right and showed that Family Guy's charm, creativity and spirit wasn't always primed for success. Some of them took the joke too far, others had awful plots, and others were painfully unfunny, which sadly lands them here.

10. Life Of Brian

Family Guy Stewie Is Enceinte

When a series has run for twelve seasons, it can be really hard to keep it feeling fresh. This is why it's so common for shows to make big changes late in the game. In the case of Family Guy, they decided the best way to spice things up was to kill one of their leading figures, Brian Griffin.

In "Life of Brian", the titular canine is hit by a car and dies in the hospital. The episode then revolves around the Griffins dealing with their grief and their decision to get a new family dog.

The actual demise of Brian was a surprisingly poignant moment, which is why it sits higher on this list. However, it ended up going downhill after his replacement was introduced, a little guy called Vinny.

Fans still felt a little sore from the loss of Brian, so introducing a replacement right away wasn't the brightest move. Plus, to make matters worse, Vinny was entirely dull with no real character outside of his smooth Italian accent. He did nothing for the show, and it's no surprise that Brian was back on the scene in no time.

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