10 Worst Friends Episodes

9. The One With Joey's Interview  

Friends The One with Christmas in Tulsa

Now is probably a good time to warn you that there will be many clip show episodes on this list. Such outings can sometimes be fun, but for the most part, it's frustrating to see an episode that spends most of its time looking at the past rather than creating new memories for the future. This is the first of a few bad examples of Friends doing just that.

The episode's plot revolves around Joey as he takes part in an interview for Soap Readers Digest, with the rest of the crew sitting nearby to make sure he doesn't mess up. Whilst talking to the interviewer, he recalls moments from his past in flashback form.

It's clearly intended to be a throwaway episode to highlight some of Joey's best moments, but this makes it incredibly run-of-the-mill and does nothing to develop the characters or any narratives.

Plus, having the rest of the cast forced into the episode as a barrier to stop Joey from saying anything stupid was an uncreative way to include the rest of the characters. It caused them to feel tacked on, making the outing all the lazier.

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