10 Worst Futurama Episodes

Futurama didn't always get us laughing!

Futurama Amy Wrestler
20th Television

If you decided to make a Mount Rushmore of the most influential adult-centric cartoons on TV, then you'd have to throw Futurama into the mix. This sci-fi comedy series from Matt Groening captured all of the creativity and humour of his debut (The Simpsons) but added so much more thanks to the setting.

The year 3000 and New New York itself was filled with hilarious characters, spirit, and individuality. Still, it also brought pop-culture references through Fry's memory and the use of celebrity heads in jars. Overall, it deserves its legacy as one of the best adult cartoons in history. With that being said, it didn't always hit the blernsball right at the target.

Like many shows, the quality of the episodes wasn't always consistent, and towards the end of its run, it began to show signs of ageing. While outliers like these don't ruin the show in its entirety, it can often be a little jarring to see the beloved Planet Express crew failing to make us laugh.

By looking at the worst of this show, we can see where its most significant weaknesses were.


This list will contain spoilers for the episodes discussed.

10. In-A-Gada-Da-Leela

Futurama Amy Wrestler
20th Television

Sometimes, Futurama can just get a little too weird, and that's part of what made this episode feel wrong. It was a brave decision to try and subvert one of the core comedic relationships of the series (Zapp Brannigan and Leela), but in the end, it was more of the same, with some uncomfortable notions tossed in.

The episode showed as a death sphere called V-GINY set a course to Earth to destroy it through excessive censoring. On a mission to stop it, Leela and Zapp Brannigan end up crashing on a Garden of Eden-like planet, where Leela gets trapped under a fallen tree, and Zapp tries to seduce her.

However, it's soon revealed that he faked the whole thing, and they are still on Earth. Still, it's not too much of a shock as we're used to this kind of thing from Zapp, albeit less elaborate.

It got worse from there, however, as V-GINY made it to the planet and demanded that Leela and Zapp consummate their Adam and Eve like marriage, which they do, in front of the whole crew, much to Fry's distaste. It's a pretty uncomfortable ending that ruined the progress in Leela and Fry's romance.

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