10 Worst Ideas In Doctor Who History

9. The Skittles Daleks

In season five€™s €˜Victory Of The Daleks€™ so much goes wrong that it€™s difficult to know where to begin, but the biggest and most outrageous cock-up belongs squarely to the new breed of Dalek introduced in the episode. Deliberately written to be the new version of the Daleks moving forward, the new paradigm of Dalek even disintegrate their predecessors, who welcome death as their due for being inferior. The issue? These new, larger, multi-coloured Daleks looked like children€™s toys€ which, of course, may have been the point. This is a family show, after all, with a clear merchandising consideration applied to it. Nonetheless, the Daleks were now colour-coded: red for Drones, blue for Strategists, orange for Scientists, white for Supreme and yellow for Eternal, looking like nothing so much as a packet of Skittles €“ hence the derogatory nickname bestowed upon them. And no, no one knows what an Eternal Dalek is. That includes the thing€™s creators, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, who thought that it sounded cool and that they€™d think of something for it another day. The new paradigm of Dalek met with near-universal disdain from the fan community, prompting Moffat to backtrack in a later interview and claim that €˜the plan all along€™ had been for the new Daleks to be an officer class for the warrior species. Mmmm.
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