10 Worst Sci-Fi TV Characters Of All Time

Where’s a death scene when you need one?

Mutant Enemy

There’s nothing worse on TV than a just plain potty character dragging down the whole show you once loved.

Despite a general audience obsession with anti-heroes and love-to-hate characters these days, certain figures become odious in a manner no sensible writer could possibly intend.

What makes a character bad (bad as in just plain bad, not villainous bad or bad in the Michael Jackson sense of the word)?

There’s a cocktail of obvious factors: abysmal writing, questionable acting, zero character definition. All these and more can create a cast stinker that leaves you looking for the remote. Often times, TV’s most despised characters (sci-fi or otherwise) will arrive to push the plot in a direction viewers grow to hate, thus putting the character’s face on the arc they loathed.

What these characters have in common is the litany of hateful message boards across the internet they inspired. The fandom rage that’ll live on long past the end of whatever show they belonged to. It’s rather impressive to inspire such an emotional reaction in viewers. At least until one looks at the sagging ratings these silver screen pariahs often cause.


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