10 Worst Things Sterling Archer Has Ever Done

The worlds most dangerous spy is... kind of a massive jerk.

Sterling Archer

It's fair to say that over the years Sterling Archer has done some pretty questionable things. For a start he used to work for the unauthorised covert spy agency ISIS whose work included, among other things, assassinations, overthrowing governments, ransoming nuclear warheads, and "hindering" the construction of oil pipelines.

He then, with the rest of the gang, became an international drug dealer/smuggler for the CIA. Who, it turns out, were using the proceeds from their sales to buy weapons from Iran, not to mention the things he got up to as a private eye.

But these are things he did either as part of his job, or just as part of a group. So, while they aren't exactly great, he can't be made to take sole responsibility for them.

However, Archer's terrible acts are in no way limited to just the things he has done as part of his job. He has himself either done and organised some really bad things that ranges from the annoying to the downright terrible, and it is these things that he can be held personally responsible for, that this list looks at.

If we were to look at every bad thing Archer has ever done in that respect, this list would go on forever...

10. Shooting Pam To Stop Her Blabbing

Sterling Archer

Apart from crocodiles, alligators, and brain aneurysms, one thing that does scare Sterling Archer is people finding out things he'd rather keep quiet. Over the years, this desire has seen Archer do some pretty terrible things. The worst of which has to be shooting his friends to stop them blabbing.

Admittedly, it can be argued that getting shot is just an occupational hazard of working at ISIS, especially if your name is Brett. However, getting shot for nearly spilling a secret seems a little excessive.

While Archer has done this on a number of occasions, the worst has to be when he shoots Pam in the chest with a M41Plasma Pulse Rifle while onboard the Intrepid space-shuttle. The only reason he does this is because Pam was about to tell everyone Archer snuck her on the ship "on the off chance he wanted to bang".

It should be made clear though, that Archer shoots her with the rifleā€™s 'stun' setting. But this actually makes it even worse, as only moments before, Archer shot Cyril on the same setting. This caused Cyril's heart to stop, effectively killing him until he was revived after being zapped by a defibrillator.

Therefore, Archer is well aware that there is a relatively high chance she could die when he shoots her, which, like Cyril, she does for a few minutes before being brought back. So essentially Archer was willing kill Pam one just so the gang wouldn't know he was sleeping with her.

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