10 Worst TV Performances Of 2017

2. Oona Chaplin - Taboo

Taboo Oona Chaplin

It's fair to say that being the granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin is going to cause critics and audiences alike to probably have some unrealistic expectations of your acting chops, but even so, former Game of Thrones star Oona Chaplin gives a disappointingly detached, one-note performance as James Delaney's (Tom Hardy) half-sister Zilpha Geary on BBC and FX's Taboo.

Chaplin plays Zilpha dead-eyed to the point of unintentional comedy, while her line readings are stiff, even wooden, and her scenes opposite Tom Hardy feel surprisingly off (despite Hardy's solid efforts).

Some might argue that Chaplin's idiosyncratic performance was intentionally off-kilter in order to underline her increasingly fractured mental state, but she played the part far too broad for the material, and ended up courting laughs above all else.

She's clearly not a routinely bad actress as evidenced by her prior work, but this performance just didn't work at all.

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