10 Worst TV Shows Of 2016

Golden age of television? Yeah, right...

Lucifer TV Series

Many people consider the modern era to be the "golden age" of television, with numerous TV shows rivalling the kinds of dramatic storytelling previously reserved for the big screen. And it's true - a lot of stunning television is being made. But just because there's been an increase in quality doesn't mean that the bad stuff has suddenly stopped getting created.

In fact, quite the opposite is true. In comparison to the highs of television, the lows are even lower, and 2016 was no exception when it came to pumping out messy, convoluted drama and desperately unfunny comedy shows.

This year saw an animated comedy attempt to tackle racism by making racist jokes, and a fantasy show try and convince viewers to care about the death of an enormous tree.

But that's just the beginning of the worst TV shows of 2016...

10. Bordertown

Lucifer TV Series

Who thought Borderline - an adult animated sitcom about two families living in a Southwest desert town on the United States-Mexico border - was a good idea? Apart from Family Guy writer Mark Hentemann, and that show's creator Seth MacFarlane anyway.

The show's bedrock is all the edgy, controversial humour that makes for the worst Family Guy material. The show has little to say, though it scrambles desperately for some sort of profound message on racial tension and the issues that divide America.

The problem is, Bordertown would rather shoot for crass, unfunny jokes rather than treat these topics with any sort of wit or intelligence. Unsuirprisingly, Fox dropped Bordertown after just one measly series.

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