11 Annoying Mistakes You Never Noticed In Game Of Thrones

Some of them are forgiveable, others are downright unacceptable.

Game Of Thrones Tyrion Trial

Game of Thrones, like a lot of shows, is rampant in plot inconsistencies, continuity errors and bloopers. Some quite big ones have gone by apparently without notice.

A lot of these mistakes cannot be forgiven however. The television show draws upon the novels written by George R. R. Martin, so the only acceptable way they can make a mistake is if Martin himself has made it. Otherwise why create even more mistakes? The fans of Game of Thrones are obsessively nit-picky so a lot of these mistakes annoy the hell out of them.

Some of them can be forgiven as simple inconsistencies that went unnoticed in the editing room, but some of them are downright unacceptable. Here are some of the mistakes in Game of Thrones, and how they could be rectified.

11. Robb And Jon Grow Hair Quickly


In the very first episode of Game of Thrones, both Robb and Jon have their hair cut and beards trimmed before King Robert and his party journey to Winterfell. This is fair enough -€“ Cersei likes her men to be well groomed, after all. Except for Robert, who had a full grown beard.

And yet later, when they chance upon the direwolf pups, their hair has miraculously grown longer and their beards have returned. No significant period of time can have realistically passed; Robb and Jon are pruned because of the King's impending visit and yet they find the pups before he actually makes it to Winterfell. Which again is all fair enough. If they had another shave once the King actually arrives. Which they don'€™t.

This makes the whole thing rather pointless, and shows that the continuity problems within Game of Thrones are evident from the very onset.


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