11 Biggest Problems With The Chris Chibnall Doctor Who Era

If you were unhappy with the Moffat era this puts things in perspective...


Doctor Who is an absolute national treasure and a truly brilliant TV show, so it's always genuinely worrying whenever it seems to be in trouble. Unfortunately, that's definitely the case right now. It's suffered not only a huge ratings drop, but an absolute plummet in general quality.

After his highly successful career in TV, Chris Chibnall seemed like a great choice to take over, but he's done a terrible job with Doctor Who, while the first ever female incarnation of The Doctor has been a let-down as well. There are a few good things in this current era of the show, such as Bradley Walsh's wonderful performance as Graham, the strong visuals and soundtrack, some decent dialogue scenes, and the odd good episode here and there, but for the most part the Chibnall era of NuWho has been pretty dreadful.

Irritatingly, a lot of criticism seems to be focusing on the show being 'too woke', and with all due respect, that is really missing the point. The issue is not that the show's political ideology; rather, it's the terrible writing alongside quite a few other things...

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