11 Bizarre '90s Cartoons That Only Ran One Season

'90s Kids were spoiled, but there were some pretty notable flops.


The nineties were an embarrassment of riches for children.

Entertainment geared toward the younger generations were being shepherded by the likes of Steven Spielberg. Nickelodeon was coming into its own with a variety of gross-out game shows and sitcoms that rivalled that of Disney, and there was a general understanding amongst writers that material marketed toward kids was not to be expressly catered to them; they weren't afraid to talk to youth like grown-ups.

As a result, nineties kids got Batman cartoons more mature and well-drawn than the theatrical releases, Animaniacs would make pop culture references well out of their wheelhouse and Marc Summers was terrorized by Green Goo spraying liberally night in and night out.

There were, however, occasions when attempting to bridge the age gap between parent and child didn't work out that well; failed experiments and shows whose topics were just a little out of date, or even ahead of their time.

Whatever the reason, YouTube is afright with long-forgotten attempts to connect with nineties youth. Here were some of the wackiest that didn't last more than a season.

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