11 Bizarre '90s Cartoons That Only Ran One Season

10. Samarai Pizza Cats

Extreme Ghostbusters
Saban Entertainment

Someone at Saban saw What's Up, Tiger Lily?

At least, that appears to be the main motivation (beyond financial) at redubbing Japanese television intentionally incorrectly to create something new. This would later be the model that led to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' success.

Samurai Pizza Cats, as best as I can tell, was adapted from the Japanese anime show Kyatto Ninden Teyandee ("Cat Ninja Legend Teyandee"), a unique show set in a somehow futuristic feudal Japan. For those who understand the language, the plot involves an evil Prime Minister fox who the heroes, a group of cat ninjas who run a pizzeria, plot to take down. It was a sharp, witty show that incorporated numerous current pop culture references that wouldn't translate well.

When it was sent overseas, however, the translations provided to Saban Entertainment were weak, or nonexistent. Forced to work quickly, they rewrote their own dialogue to create a wacky comedy more in line with the then-huge Animaniacs.

The writers were clearly having a laugh. One of them even sings the theme song in an exaggerated Paul Lynde-esque voice.

Unfortunately, even with attempts to create something new, the animation and the dialogue didn't gel together very well, and some episodes contained jokes considered too homophobic to air. Episodes are now up on Tubi, for the curious.

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