11 Doctor Who Actors Who Were Nominated For Oscars

Twelve nominations, and only two wins so far. It's a fix.

As long as there are Oscars, there will be a rich association with Doctor Who. Far from being the trashy sci-fi TV show that some cynics might unfairly label it, the show attracts a ridiculous wealth of talent, not just from other small screen productions, but from the stage and silver screen. It seems that appearing as either hero or villain alongside the Timelord (or actually as an incarnation of the lead himself) is a badge of honour for some of the greatest talents Britain has ever produced. With this year's batch of nominations now out, there is some strong representation with both Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne up for the Best Actor award, and though neither have appeared on screen in a Who episode, one has a strong association with the universe (more of which soon), and both will continue to be suggested as potential cast additions. Such is the grand tradition of casting confidently and seek the best acting talent, and not just genre cast-offs and cheap options. But which other actors have stood astride both the world's most famous movie awards and the universe's most celebrated time-travelling Doctor? Strangely enough, it seems that while picking up nominations from the Academy isn't hard for Who veterans, actually winning the awards is an entirely different matter. Did someone say conspiracy?

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