11 Doctor Who Actors Who Were Nominated For Oscars

11. John Cleese

Best Original Screenplay, 1988 The iconic British comedian hasn't actually played a major role in a Doctor Who episode, but thanks to a pre-existing relationship with Douglas Adams, the Python actor was called up for a brief, funny cameo in fourth Doctor serial "City Of Death". Learning that Cleese was working in BBC TV Centre on the day the key scene - which was merely written with "two englishmen" in mind - Adams convinced him, as well as actress Eleanor Bron, to appear in the museum scene. They agreed as long as the cameo wasn't pre-announced, and on the secondary condition that they were billed as "Helen Swanetsky" and "Kim Bread" though the BBC refused that request. Cleese would later reuse the name Kim Bread for other projects. Rather than an acting nod, Cleese was nominated for a best original screenplay for A Fish Called Wanda in 1988, missing out to Rain Man.
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