11 Great Moments From The Eleventh Doctor's First Season

From fish fingers and custard to the Pandorica, Eleven had the most memorable of beginnings.

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April 3, 2010: the world watches with bated breath as a freshly regenerated Doctor crashes onto their television screens. Considering how immensely popular David Tennant had been in the role, there was much concern that incoming Doctor Matt Smith, who was the youngest actor ever to play the role, would fail to bring the same charm and passion.

Those worries were needless. The Eleventh Doctor was every bit the powerhouse the world was waiting for. By the end of the first episode, he had cemented his place in the hearts of countless Whovians and set everyone up for an era to remember.

April 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the Eleventh Doctor's premiere season. What better time to take a look back at 11 of his most memorable moments from his first season?

11. Timey-Wimey Antics In "The Big Bang"

Doctor Who Vincent and the Doctor

The second part of the story that started with The Pandorica Opens had a dire setup. The universe was systematically being erased from existence; Amy was dead; Rory was an Auton, and the Doctor was trapped inside the Pandorica.

But when the Pandorica opens again, Amy is inside, and then the Doctor pops into the past with a mop and a fez and directions for Rory on how to release his past self from the Pandorica. The intricacies of time travel continue to play an important role throughout the rest of the episode.

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