11 Greatest TV Villains Of 2015 (So Far)

Because the baddies are always much more interesting.

A villain can make or break a TV show. They serve as the counterpoint to the hero, the axis around which much of the conflict and drama revolves, and often provide the most entertaining and thrilling moments. They can steal scenes, episodes and even whole series, becoming hugely memorable characters and ones that audiences love to hate. Everyone preferred Angelus to Angel, the best season of The Walking Dead was the one with the Governor in it, Breaking Bad went to another level with the introduction of Gus Fring, and the bad guys from Doctor Who - Daleks, Cybermen, etc - have become as iconic as The Doctor himself. A more recent trend is for antiheroes, main characters who would normally be the €˜good€™ guy but are far too morally complex to be such. However, a lot of the time these characters are more villain than hero. Sometimes, the villain is just a complete and utter bastard. The morals and motives may vary, but there isn€™t a golden rule as to what a great TV villain has to be, as shown this year with a wide array of different characters who could be considered the antagonist of their show. We€™re now halfway through 2015, and here€™s a look at those villains who are already destined to be remembered - and hated - for the foreseeable future€

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