11 Iconic TV Shows That Should NEVER Be Revived

What's dead should stay dead.

Daredevil Jessica Jones YouTube

We're living through the golden age of TV right now. Every single network and streaming service is loosening their grip on overdone formulas and embracing event TV as the norm, and everyone is taking notice.

That's also meant that bankable properties that have been missing from screens for a while have returned to cash in the current boom as well, either for full seasons or in a limited capacity - bigger and better than ever. Everything from The X-Files to Twin Peaks have found new homes and new audiences, giving fans hope that their favourite shows might be next in line for one of these high-profile revivals.

The problem is, the reason networks decide to bring these beloved programmes back isn't always rooted in the chance to do something new creatively. Sometimes actors, writers and filmmakers are blinded by dollar signs and will tear a show from its peaceful slumber when there's no reason to, and as a result, there's a bunch of shows that absolutely should be off limits.


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