11 Important Things To Remember About Game Of Thrones Before Watching Season 7

Get out your pens and notepads, it's time for some revision.

There are moments in Game of Thrones that people will never forget: Ned Stark being beheaded; Joffrey’s face turning purple as he died from poison; and Talisa Stark being repeatedly stabbed in her pregnant belly as the Freys and Boltons wiped out Robb Stark’s army at the Red Wedding - to name but three cheery examples.

Still, with the lore and mythology of Game Of Thrones making a 1,000 page encyclopedia look like a children's pop-up book, it is only natural to require a refresher course before sitting down and being greeted by hundreds of characters.

But, whilst the previously named and unforgettable events are still significant, the fallout from them has already happened. So, instead of trying to remember things dating back to the very first season like what Jon Snow had for supper at Castle Black, it’s paramount to jog your memory about recent events which will likely have an impact on season 7 and beyond.

Honourable Mention: Only Two Direwolves Remain

Game Of Thrones Direwolves Ghost Nymeria

In-spite-of being rejected in favour of Wun Wun at the Battle of the Bastards, Ghost is still alive and is likely asleep at the feet of Jon Snow. Nymeria, meanwhile, is alive, but has not been seen since she chewed on Joffrey's arm and was released into the wild by Arya.


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