11 Reasons You Might Be Gunther From Friends

8. You Do Favours For People (With Ulterior Motives)

Gunther 2 Gif We've all been there: a friend asks you for a tiny favour, and all of a sudden you're wishing for a time machine so you can go back to the moment it all started and politely decline. Gunther isn't the sort of person to perform favours on a whim, of course, but when it comes to Rachel, it's anything goes: which is why, in "The One With The Ball," he offers to take Rachel's horrible Sphinx cat, Mrs. Whiskerson, off her hands for more than the asking price, hoping that she'll come by and visit him someday. Ulterior motives, Gunth? Heck, we're all guilty of that. Right?

7. You Feel You Were Meant For Something Better

Gunther Joey Friends Gif As you go about the daily grind, you can't escape the feeling that you were meant for something better than working in a coffee shop or dealing with annoying customers on the phone or stacking shelves - you could've been a star! Or, at least, you could have an assistant to a big star (keep it real). Even Gunther, though - who seems primed for a life of mediocrity - could have been something more, as proven by the conversation he has with Joey in "The One Where Eddie Won't Go," in which he admits he was a child star on "All My Children."
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