11 Reasons You Might Be Gunther From Friends

4. You Get The Sense That Nobody Knows Your Last Name

Gunther Surname Gif There's no worser feeling than turning up to a party or a gathering and realising that you don't know anybody's surnames - especially when it comes up in conversation. What's worse, however, is if you're the person whose surname nobody knows... could there BE a more perfect way for a group of human beings to collectively say: "We don't care about you enough to have learned such a thing"? I doubt it. Gunther is the perfect embodiment of this occurrence, given that nobody in the gang ever bothers to learn his surname - and it remains undiscovered to this day!

3. You Have One Hidden Skill (That You Rarely Bring Out)

Dutch Gunther Gif Everyone on Earth probably has at least one skill that they like to show off on frequent occassions, but to truly resemble the Gunthman in all his glory, your skill has to come out of seemingly nowhere - almost as if a bunch of sitcom writers made-up it up to serve the purposes of a single joke (God forbid we'd suggest that's what happened here, though!). So you might be really good at climbing trees, or moonwalking - you know, skills that one can only really reveal in a certain time and place. Gunther's hidden skill? He speaks fluent Dutch, for some reason, and - in true Gunther style - he uses it in one episode to make fun of Ross. What else did you expect?
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