11 Reasons The Big Bang Theory Is The Worst Thing On TV

A hot dense place indeed.

Leonard Penny Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a really remarkable thing. You might think you like it, but you're wrong. You've just been afflicted with a very particular strain of comedy Stockholm Syndrome, because it's on constantly.

The NME actually tried to blag that it's the new Friends, which is only really true insofar as they both utilise television as a medium. Friends has jokes and a coterie of roughly believable, rounded characters around which mad things and people can happen. The Big Bang Theory places the cart before the horse in having the one-dimensional crackpots centre stage constantly. It's wearing in the extreme.

It's a show about stereotypically socially awkward nerds which looks and feels like it was written by 8 jocks with a copy of Encarta. It's like being trapped in a very small room with a load of drama students with their phasers set to 'whacky tw*t', while thirty people lose their minds with the hilarity of the tall, thin one shouting, "BOGLONZO!" every fifteen minutes. It is hellish.

It really says a lot that the unauthorised Big Bang Theory remake The Theorists managed to steal its thing and improve it about tenfold while working with no budget and entirely within the Russian language. For this, and many more reasons, it is easily the worst thing on television.


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