11 TV Characters Killed Off Far Too Soon

So. Much. Potential...

Opie Winston

Death is a natural part of a show's life. Characters both big and small have to be killed every now and again to make way for new storylines and fresh characters, but also to create a sense of realism, threat and excitement.

Unfortunately, not all shows manage to kill off characters at the right time. Whilst many shows have made a fine art out of getting rid of characters just when they need to go (Game of Thrones, maybe, and Doctor Who), there are other critically acclaimed shows that haven't quite mastered killing people off.

Most of the shows on this list are usually very good at this, but have messed up with some decisions. Others made a habit of killing off minor characters with infinite untapped potential, and others seem to have just rid of fan favourites in a cheap and unnecessary bid to shock and appal their audiences. Some get rid of the characters very well, but make the move too early and lessen the moment's impact.

Whatever the case, here are 11 TV show characters whose deaths, whether inevitable or inconceivable, came far too early. MAJOR SPOILERS follow.

11. Tracy McConnell - How I Met Your Mother

Opie Winston

To start us off, here's an example of a character who shouldn't have been killed in the first place. Sure, The Mother died at the very end of How I Met Your Mother, but her death remains one of the lowest low points of the otherwise brilliant sit-com.

Now, a case can be made for Tracy's death, as it can be seen as the show proving yet again just how unpredictable and cruel life can be. But that's about all it has going for it.

Tracy McConnell's death was a biblical let-down to say the least. After nine long seasons, having her die just so Ted can go rushing out to see Robin again defeated everything fans had watched since the very first episode. On top of that, we never get to see her, really; she doesn't get time to massively stand-out or interact with the gang.

Rather than spending Season Nine focusing on Barney and Robin's anti-climatic wedding, more time could have been spent looking at Tracy as a member of the group, a loving mother and a great wife.

Alas, no. Not only don't we get this, she also dies and gives way to the most divisive show ending since Lost. It shouldn't have been allowed to happen, and the show suffered because of it.

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