11 TV Shows That Deserved Another Season

Why must you take away everything we love?


It used to be that if a show was cancelled, fans just had to accept it. There were no obsessive Twitter campaigns or online petitions or thousands of bottles of Tabasco sauce sent to studio offices (a stunt which reportedly saved teen drama Roswell in the early 2000s).

But in the age of Netflix and Hulu, dead or dying shows are being resurrected all over the place. Cult comedy Arrested Development was revived 6 years after its cancellation (with mixed results). Community was constantly threatened with cancellation, then cancelled, then uncancelled, and may one day reach its "6 seasons and a movie" milestone. The Mindy Project is already on its second network. The X-Files, Gilmore Girls and Twin Peaks have all made/are making returns after years in the wilderness.

Hell, even Cougar Town was rescued when ABC dropped it, extending its unlikely run by 3 years. Most of the following 10 shows were cancelled due to low ratings or network neglect but all of them had passionate fans calling for their continuation, either because they felt they'd ended too abruptly or because there were still stories these shows could tell. Given this current trend for revivals, maybe there's hope yet that we'll see these characters again...

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