11 TV Shows That Just Got Renewed

The TV comebacks we hoped for - and the one nobody saw coming...

DC Universe

It's always a joy when your favourite TV show gets renewed. It allows us to spend more time with these characters that we've fallen in love with and it's also an indicator of how successful those TV shows are - making renewals the desired destination for every studio and showrunner who produces one (miniseries aside of course).

We've already seen a number of shows - from 911 and Grey's Anatomy to Batwoman and The Flash - get given the greenlight to produce new seasons, but, in recent months, the TV industry has found itself at the mercy of the ongoing global situation. As a result, production on just about every TV show across the world had to temporarily shut down with an even more unfortunate consequence for some being cancellation (even for a few which had initially been renewed).

That said, there are still some lucky ones - ones that made such an impression on viewers that their respective networks commissioned them for another offering. With that in mind, let's get to know some of those that will return in the near future.

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