12 Anime That Make You Root For The Villain

10. Akame Ga Kill - Esdeath

Esdeath Akame Ga Kill
White Fox

Akame Ga Kill is a special anime that proves you don't have to stick around for a long time to give people a good time. It's a one-season show that indulged in lavish visuals, fun characters, bombastic action and a simple story. But, another highlight for the series was the breakout fan-favourite villain, Esdeath.

Now, Esdeath isn't a character who comes along and makes you root for her by providing compelling motives or a sense of justice; in fact, she's a bloodthirsty high-ranking war general responsible for the deaths of millions, so why do so many anime fans love her?

Well, while Esdeath may be scarier than a walk down a dark alley at night, she also has a surprisingly sensitive side that caused fans to fall for her, just like she wanted to fall for someone. Despite being a decorated warrior, Esdeath had a goal during the show, and that was to find love. Awww.

Of course, as a true villain would, she fell in love with the main character and proceeded to kidnap him consistently. It was uncomfortable for sure, but it showed a more humorous and lighter side to the character that viewers gravitated towards. This led to many people hoping she would get what she wanted in the end, even if poor Tatsumi didn't.


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