12 Awesome TV Shows You Can Only Watch Once

And it's not just about fudging the ending...

The Wire HIMYM Dexter

Making a great TV show is tough. You have to come up with a dynamite premise, create memorable and relatable characters to place in that situation, and then come up with a satisfying resolution to the whole deal. Unfortunately countless shows have hit one or two of these three goals, but end up falling apart down the stretch.

Very few shows have been able to nail both the entrance and the exit (Breaking Bad, The Wire etc). Too many have found themselves disappointing endings that let down fans and taint the legacy of the show. Whether it'€™s disappointing Netflix bingers or letting down fans who watched from the beginning, some shows just cannot stick the landing.

However, an underwhelming ending doesn'€™t mean that a show cannot be enjoyable. After all, it'€™s the journey, not the destination, right?

Some shows make for great watching the first time, but do not lend themselves to repeated viewings. This can result from a disappointing ending, brutal content, or plot twists that don€™t make sense if you think too hard about it. On the other hand, a show can be so emotionally draining that rewatching it would be too hard on the tear ducts. Here are the top 12 awesome shows that you can only watch once either way.


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