12 Best It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Guest Stars

It's Always Sunnier with these guest stars.


It’s cheap-looking, anarchic, transgressive and downright debauched. But with the show’s creators writing a 15th season, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will become the longest running live-action sitcom in American television history. Not too shabby for a show that filmed its pilot on a camcorder.

However, the hit series actually owes a lot to its early introduction of Danny DeVito. Whilst the show was always funny, DeVito’s introduction enabled the it to ramp up the depravity, insanity and number of shaved men crawling on the floor covered in hand sanitizer. The series simply wouldn’t be what it is today without DeVito.

The boost provided by DeVito’s Frank Reynolds is a nice segue into looking at other famous faces that have appeared throughout the shows run - particularly those which have added that bit of something special.

Guest stars, whilst adding a bit of Hollywood magic to proceedings, are also fundamental to keeping seasons fresh and unpredictable. And the right guest star, as well as stealing the show, should also bring out the best in the series’ mainstays.

Here are a few cases of guest stars making Philadelphia just that bit sunnier.


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