12 Best It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Guest Stars

12. Josh Groban


The initial thought of Josh Groban on It’s Always Sunny is akin to that of Tom Hanks in a UFC octagon. Groban seems far too kind for the lurid and depraved chaos of the show.

But for the series’s 100th episode, Groban (playing a fictional version of himself) makes an appearance as the love interest of Dee. Which admittedly needs some reverse engineering to explain.

In the episode ‘The Gang Saves The Day’, Groban appears alongside Dee, who has become a famous Hollywood actor. The pair are being interviewed for her upcoming film ‘Mother Earth’ in which Dee plays the eponymous role. In the interview Groban serenades Dee and claims that “Groban likes his ladies to pop”. However, the relationship lasts a mere 17 minutes before he is ditched in favour of Brad Pitt.

Naturally, this is all part of Dee’s fantasy. In the episode, the gang whilst on a beer run witness a robbery and fantasise a scenario in which they are the hero who saves the day. For Dee, after being given up by the gang she then turns on them and shoots them. Then after giving up the robber she is placed into witness protection as a butler which she spins into a star role on a sitcom.

Groban being part of Dee’s delusion is fitting, given that Josh Groban appearing on It’s Always Sunny sounds like a bad fever dream.


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