12 Darkest South Park Moments Ever

Going down to (the darkest depths of) South Park...

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone have proven themselves as television’s sharpest satirist over twenty-three seasons. They expose the stupidity in intellectual pursuits and make the seemingly stupid complex and worthy of discussion. They have also created iconic characters and, in the sleepy little mountain town of South Park, a place where anything can, and does, happen.

Also key to the success of South Park is the quick turnaround in making the show, which keeps their social commentary fresh. Parodies and their inspiration are often separated by mere days, leaving their animated rivals lagging six months behind. In the case of the dark and disturbing, emotions and wounds are still raw.

And it's fair to say that the creators excel in drawing laughs from the darkest aspects of life. South Park is both lauded and condemned for this. To the creators' credit, neither has affected them.

So, come on down to South Park where familial cannibalism, Satanic sacrifice, and a former superhero existing on a diet of foetuses are just another misadventure in Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman’s formative years.

12. The Brutal Death Of Chef

South Park Indiana Jones
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The Return of Chef (Season 10, Episode 1)

In one of the most notorious episodes of all time, Chef is brainwashed by The Super Adventure Club, a cult of child molesting globe trotters. The plot serves as a parody of Chef’s voice actor Isaac Hayes leaving the show after Stone and Parker mocked Scientology.

The boy's almost succeed in getting their beloved mentor back, however, The Super Adventure Club tranquilise Chef and abduct The Boys before revealing their secret to their captors. Finneus, their leader and founder, discovered that children’s bodies contain “Marlocs”, which are released by molestation. These “Marlocs” made Finneus immortal, until he was hit by a train in 1892.

The Boys free Chef from captivity, but torn between his loyalties, he stalls on a rope bridge. He attempts to return to the club, but the bridge is hit by lightning causing it to collapse. Chef is subjected to a barrage of slapstick abuse including hitting numerous jagged rocks and his face being devoured by a mountain lion. Chef empties his bowels as the final confirmation of his death.

In a genuinely heartfelt moment, Kyle gives a eulogy telling South Park, and its fans, we shouldn’t be mad at Chef for leaving, “we should be mad at that fruity little club for scrambling his brains”.

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